What To Expect With An HVAC Installation

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Purchased a new HVAC unit? Here’s Information in the installation process & more.

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a new HVAC unit for your home! Whether you’re in a new home and replacing an old system it is always good to know exactly what is happening with the process of installation. 

At Valley Heating and Cooling we want our clients to be informed every step of the way and that everyone should know what is happening during their HVAC installation. We will walk you through what happens start to finish. If you have questions on the cost of replacing an HVAC unit review our last article - “How Much Does It Cost to Replace an HVAC System?”. 


When you order a new HVAC unit you and the company will schedule a day for the installation to begin. Together you will decide on the dates and times that work best for both parties so that you can prepare for installation. 

Whatever room your unit is being it is best to move furniture or fragile items out of the way. If installers will be moving equipment through different rooms of the house it is best to remove any item or furniture away from the areas of movement to ensure nothing gets damaged or broken. 

If a custom part needs to be made they will come in and measure the area and order the part during this time as well. This guarantees that the part will come in before installation begins. 

Length of Install

During the pre-installation meeting you will discuss the tentative length of the install. Installation can take anywhere between 2-5 days and possibly long depending on what is needed to be done in the home. Make sure to discuss what kind of setbacks may come into play once the construction and installation begins. 

Permits & Warranties

Permits vary from town to town. The company that you choose to work with should understand what permits need to be granted in order to start the installation if any are needed at all. This is one reason you should search for “HVAC installation near me” on your search engine to ensure that you are getting a company that knows your area and what needs permits. 

Your HVAC unit will most likely come with a warranty and the HVAC company itself will also most likely come with their own warranty as well. It is crucial to understand the warranties that come with the unit and install to make sure you aren’t paying extra for items that are covered. 

At Valley Heating and Cooling we offer a 10 year warranty on parts and labor. We know HVAC services and the products we use which is why we are a trusted contractor to many around the Madison, Alabama area. 

This information is to be spoken about during your installation scheduling call. The company you choose should keep the warranty information as well as whatever warranty they provide on file to use if a problem arises with the system. 

Organization & Professionalism 

Since companies special in this type of install they should have a process in place that they follow to ensure proper install of the unit. The HVAC technicians and specialists that work in your home should be respectful, professional and knowledgeable to any questions you might have. 


If there is an issue with the installation time or date your company should be upfront and clear with you about any issues they foresee. 

If there is a missing part and there needs to be a few days between installation they should let you know so that you can reschedule and plan accordingly. 

Nothing should be done at the last second and all items should be ordered with enough time to come in before the set up date. This is vital planning on the side of the HVAC company. They should know what inventory is on hand, what needs to be ordered and about how long it takes to be delivered before setting an install date. 

Installation Day

On the day of the install the technicians will call and confirm they are on their way. This gives you time to prepare and move any furniture or fragile objects out of the way. 

Drop cloths should be used around the construction site to catch and protect the floor from any debris or fallen nails/screws, ladder marks or other tools from damaging the floor

Once they arrive they will put on the boot covers to walk through your home and use drop cloths to keep everything clean and sanitary. 

They will begin by removing your current unit. This may take one whole day depending on the complexity. 

Once the old unit is removed they can begin the install. They will be moving between the inside and outside of the home to wire and set up the indoor and outdoor units. They will also be moving throughout the house if ductwork is required. 

Post Installation

Once your unit is installed you will get to run it for the first time. The technicians will walk you through where the units are both inside and outside of the home. They will educate you on how to use the system and answer any questions you may have. 

The unit will go through one last inspection before being signed off on. The company will follow up in a few weeks later to check and see if the unit is still running properly. 

Your HVAC unit should be inspected 2 times a year- in the spring and fall to make sure that your equipment is in proper working condition for the winter and summer months. 

Get Started Today

If you are in need of a new HVAC unit now is the right time to purchase one! When summer time comes, many people will be in need of emergency replacements and installs because they need a way to cool their home. Get ahead of the game by installing or replacing one now. 

Let us help you with your HVAC needs. We are one of the top Madison, AL heating and cooling contractors and we serve clients all over northern and central Alabama.