Why Is Heat Pump Maintenance Important?

Why is Heat Pump Maintenance Important?

As a homeowner you want everything in your home to work properly and to its maximum efficiency. This doesn’t just mean your TV, WiFi or smart technology products. This includes your kitchen appliances, washer and dryer and also your HVAC unit. 

You mostly likely clean out the dryer filter every time you use it or change out the water filter in your refrigerator when it’s time. Well, the same goes for your HVAC Unit. Your HVAC System is an integral part of keeping your home comfortable and clean. The filters help purify the air and the heating and cooling makes your home live-able and accommodating during the winter or summer months. 

In the past we’ve discussed how your HVAC system works, types of heating and cooling systems, humidifiers (Read our article: What is the Best HVAC Home Humidifier?) and how your units SEER rating saves you energy. Today we will be discussing the importance of maintaining your heat pump.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is not just for heat; it is actually a heating and cooling system that runs on electricity and has a unit outside and inside of the home (similar to a whole-house air conditioner or mini split system). 

Also like an air conditioner, it does not create the cold or hot air. It recirculates air and then heats or cools it. In the cooler months it pulls heat energy from the outside and transfers it inside. In the summer months it pulls the heat energy from inside and transfers it outside. 

An advantage of having this system is that you have no need to install two separate systems. You won’t need a furnace or gas heater. These units are typically installed in moderate climates that don’t experience a lot of below freezing weather. But the technology has advanced in the recent years and it is becoming more popular even in the colder climates with the addition of an electric heat strip. 

These systems are more environmentally friendly because they run off electricity and not fossil fuels like gas or oil. You will increase your energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bill and you will be able to take advantage of a heat pump tax credit!

Maintaining the System for Maximum Efficiency 

To ensure that your system is running properly and as efficiently as possible you want to service it at least 2 times a year.

If you don’t it can mean the difference of a well maintained heat pump running at 10% energy consumption to a non-maintained one running at 25% energy consumption. 15% can make a huge difference in your energy costs and carbon footprint. 

Doing regular maintenance checks can also save your compressor, and your system from small issues that could eventually lead to expensive fixes or replacements. 

It is best to call your HVAC Specialist for heat pump maintenance 2 times a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Having it inspected will ensure that your system is running at its maximum efficiency and is ready to go for the summer and winter months! 

In between system inspections do the following to keep your system running smoothly:

Dust around the registers and keep the vent areas free of dust and debris

Don’t place anything in front of the registers and heat pump

Replace the filters according to their directions

Keep the outdoor unit clean and free of debris, leaves, snow and anything else that might impede its efficiency. 

Schedule Your Inspection, Today! 

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