How To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Summer

It’s almost summer time! It’s staying lighter out, longer, the temperature is rising and it’s almost time to turn on that A/C for more than a couple days. 

A couple things you don’t want to happen when turning on your air conditioner is that it makes a weird noise or it does not cool your home properly. 

It’s imperative to do regular maintenance checks on your HVAC system and have it inspected 2 times a year- once in the fall and once in the spring- to ensure it’s running properly and to its maximum efficiency. 

Call Your HVAC Techs Now

Since it’s springtime now you should call your HVAC technicians and schedule your system check before the weather heats up and also to beat the HVAC installation rush. You might end up needing a repair or a replacement! Read our previous article about what to expect with an HVAC installation for more details.

Many people don’t realize they need a new system until it’s too late so when summer or winter show up, the HVAC Specialists are busy with installations. Because of the busy installation season you have to wait longer than normal to get your unit inspected, which is why you should schedule NOW.

What You Can Do

Throughout the year there are ways to do what is called “preventative maintenance” on your system. Below is a list of some tips that can help you keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently and will impress your HVAC tech when they come to do their bi-annual system inspection and tune up! 


Keep the unit clean of debris on top and around it

Remove the debris from the inside of the unit (shut off the power first!) 

See if any of the “fins” around the unit are bend and need straightened out

Bent fins means less airflow in and out of the system. You can easily bend them back to their original state.


Replace the filter every 60 to 90 days depending on the instructions - if you have pets and it’s shedding season you might want to replace it once a month! 

Keep items away from vents. 

Keep vents clean and free of dust and debris

You can remove the floor vents and vacuum the inside to get rid of any lingering dust or debris that might have gotten in from the surrounding area

You can take a vacuum attachment to vacuum out the dust from the air vents

Check your thermostat and recalibrate if necessary. 

Listen for and write down any strange noises or sounds that you might hear coming from the unit. Make sure to tell your HVAC services specialist when they do their seasonal maintenance. 

Schedule Your Maintenance Check Today

If you live in the Madison, Alabama area stop searching for “HVAC near me” and give us a call! We service Central and Northern Alabama and are considered the top Madison, AL heating and cooling company. 

At Valley Heating and Cooling our mission is to provide clean air that helps you breathe better and live more comfortable in your home. 

We provide services for installation, (read our latest article- What to expect with HVAC installation), replacement, maintenance, repairs, and even emergency repairs/check ups. 

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