Improving Indoor Air Quality: Necessary For Your Health

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Do you know why improving indoor air quality is essential to your health and wellbeing? Do you know how to improve the quality of air inside your home? Valley Heating & Cooling is dedicated to keeping your air as clean and conditioned as can be. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should work on improving indoor air quality and how Valley Heating & Cooling can help! 

Why Improve Indoor Air Quality? 

There are many reasons why you should improve your indoor air. While all of these may not be active threats inside your home, if left unchecked, your HVAC system most likely will be affected by one or more of these potential problems. 

Hidden Pollutants

There can be many pollutants lurking in your air ducts, some of which may surprise you. Having this area of your home cleaned regularly or having air filtration installed eliminates these pesky problems that you are inhaling. Understandably, while air circulates through your home, dust, dust mites, and pollen all collect among the ridges inside the ducts. If you have pets, their dander and even fur can add to this collection. 

This environment is also ideal for growing mold, mildew, and fungi, which can all release spores into the air. Bacteria and viruses can travel through and make their homes in your HVAC system as well. In addition, if anyone in the household smokes, air ducts and circulation systems can hold onto tobacco smoke by-products. Your HVAC system makes for a relatively protected safe space for a variety of natural and chemical pollutants, any of which can have a negative impact on your health

Health Hazards

There are many telltale signs that you and other members of your household are experiencing health problems caused by poor indoor air quality. An increased amount of coughing, sneezing, stuffy or runny noses, or experiencing sore throats and throat irritation on a regular basis can all be indicative of your home being in need of an indoor air filtration system. 

In addition, air ducts and allergies have a complicated relationship. If you have been experiencing increasing allergy-like symptoms that worsen while at home, consistent headaches, skin irritations, and lethargy may be reasons to look into improving indoor air quality as well. 

Not only that, but pollutants in your air ducts can put you at greater risk for other conditions. Air duct cleaning can alleviate some of this suffering, however, it may also increase your allergy symptoms. The best bet is to have Valley Heating & Cooling put indoor air filtration into place within your home. 

Respiratory Infections and Diseases

Since these pollutants in your air are likely to be inhaled, they can have a direct impact on your respiratory system. Breathing in spores, chemical pollutants, pet dander, and more can cause irritations and inflammation in your lungs and airways, and can even lead to developing serious infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia. 

In addition, through your respiratory system, these pollutants can find their way into your sinuses, causing sinusitis (sinus infection), which can easily spread to your tonsils and ears, and leave you feeling miserable until the infection (and the root cause) have been taken care of.

Valley Heating & Cooling for Indoor Air Quality Needs! 

If you are looking for ways to improve your indoor air quality, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts. Valley Heating & Cooling has extensive experience with providing households with top-of-the-line breathing experiences as well as the highest quality HVAC services. Stop putting yourself and your family at risk. Looking for air filtration services near you? Contact us today!