How To Stay Cool While Waiting For The AC Repair Technician

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When waiting for the technician to arrive, use the following to help keep cool.

An air conditioner quitting on a hot summer day quickly allows temperatures to rise inside the home. Fast repairs are needed to cool the house down again. Unfortunately, fast doesn't mean immediate. The temperatures will likely soar inside the house while waiting for a technician to arrive and fix the air conditioner. If a replacement is needed, it could take a little longer before the house is cool again. When waiting for the technician to arrive, use the following to help keep cool. 

Call for Faster Repairs

Make sure to call at the first signs that ac repair is needed. If the air conditioner is having trouble cooling the home, it's a sign that repair is required, and failing to call can mean it will stop working altogether. If the air conditioner has already stopped working, calling now can enable a technician to get there quickly and start on repairs. Even though this is an emergency service, it can take a couple of hours or longer for a technician to arrive. 

Be Aware of Heat-Related Illnesses

Take a moment to learn more about heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, cramps, sunburns, and heat rashes. All of these can become incredibly serious and require medical attention if it goes on too long without the person being able to cool down. Keeping cool using the following ideas can help prevent these illnesses and keep the household safe. 

Find Somewhere Else to Go

If possible, find somewhere else to go until the technician arrives. A neighbor's house might be a good plan, as it's easy to pop back over to the house when the technician arrives. If not, head to the mall, go shopping for a bit, or hang out at the library and ask the technician to call when they're on the way. By doing this, it's possible to get back home in time for the technician to arrive. 

Turn on the Fans

Turning on fans can help push the hot air out of the house and bring in cooler air. Open windows on opposite sides of the home and use the fans to create a cross breeze. Moving air around does help it cool down a little bit, too. If possible, try making a DIY swamp cooler. While these won't reduce the home's temperature by a lot, they help cool down anyone sitting in front of them and can help the household stay cool for an hour or two while waiting for a technician. 

Take Off Some Clothes

Get a little cooler by taking off any clothes that aren't necessary. Clothing helps trap heat, which makes the body feel warmer. When clothes are needed, like when the technician arrives, wear something loose and airy. Opt for thin cotton to allow the skin to breathe a little bit and wick sweat away from the body. 

Take a Cool Shower

While most people opt for hot showers, a cool shower is better when the temperature inside the house is rising. Cool water can feel great and help cool down the body. Don't dry your hair, either. Keep it wet after the shower and let it dry naturally, as that can help with keeping cool even after the shower is over. 

Use a Damp Towel

Towels that are damp with cool water can be placed on the body to help cool down the skin and the body's temperature. Refresh the wet towels as needed to keep them cool. Use these on the forehead, back of the neck, or anywhere else that needs to cool down on a hot day. 

Drink More Water 

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water helps keep the body hydrated, which can prevent some heat-related illnesses. It is essential to drink as much water as needed to stay hydrated and look out for signs of dehydration. Along with water, it's possible to enjoy sports drinks, as they can help replace lost electrolytes that the body needs. Plain water, however, is the best option to help keep cool and safe while the air conditioner is not working. 

Know What Drinks to Avoid

When it's hot indoors, it's tempting to grab a few drinks and relax, but avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages can lead to increased fluid loss in hot weather. Also, avoid hot coffee or tea, as the heat from the drinks can raise the body's internal temperature and contribute to feeling hotter throughout the day. Stick with cool or cold beverages, with water being the best option, until the air conditioner is fixed. 

Avoid Cooking Indoors Later in the Day

Cooking on the stove or in the oven creates heat in the kitchen. While this isn't always noticeable, it's something the air conditioner works a little harder to make up for during the day. When the air conditioner stops working, cooking can cause the indoor temperature to rise a few more degrees. Instead, prep any ingredients like meat that might be needed for dinner in the morning, when temperatures are lower and make no-cook meals in the evening. 

Stay as Low as Possible

Stay as low as possible in the house. If the home has a basement, it will be cooler than the rest of the home because of the insulation provided by the surrounding ground. If there is no basement in the house, stay on the lowest floor. Heat rises, so the home's lowest level is generally a few degrees cooler. Though that might not sound like a lot, when the temperature is rising, every little bit will help. 

It can be tough to stay cool when the air conditioner stops working, especially when the temperature starts to climb rapidly during the hottest parts of the day. Be sure to call for a repair as soon as any issues appear so that the air conditioning can be fixed faster. But, while waiting for the technician to arrive, try out the ideas here to help the household stay cool and be safe.