Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Routine HVAC maintenance maximizes the life of your heating and cooling system while minimizing the need for HVAC air unit repairs and heating system repairs. 

Valley Heating & Cooling has devised a preventative maintenance plan that consists of a 20 point inspection which includes all of the following:

  1. Clean and inspect evaporator coils
  2. Clean and inspect condenser coils
  3. Clean drain lines
  4. Oil and lubricate condenser fan motors
  5. Oil and lubricate evaporator fan motors
  6. Check air flow through home
  7. Inspect ductwork for leakage
  8. Inspect filters
  9. Check fan control
  10. Check ignition start up
  11. Check all wiring connections
  12. Inspect all electrical components
  13. Check Freon levels
  14. Take temperature readings
  15. Document amp readings on compressor
  16. Document amp readings on condenser fan motors
  17. Document readings on blower fan motors
  18. Measure gas pressure if applicable
  19. Clean blower wheels
  20. Clean heat exchangers if applicable

Benefits of being a preventative maintenance customer: