Choosing Contractors

Choosing the right contractor

Like the old saying goes they don’t build things like they used to. The numerous types of equipment being built these days are designed to save energy by using thinner coils to transfer heat more effectively, lighter fan blades to reduce load amps on motors, and more pressure switches to shut systems down in case of refrigerant leaks or dirty filters/coils. Over the years through EPA regulations, our industry manufacturers are finding ways to build equipment more energy efficient, and with that we have seen equipment quality and dependability fall short of our expectations. It’s no secret the life expectancy of appliances and equipment today are far less than in the past. Since 1975, Valley has kept a close eye on this trend and we have made drastic changes within our company to stay ahead of these changes. We realize the equipment, due to its efficiency standards, will require more maintenance as well as service (probably during the hottest or coldest times of the year). In this industry, the work load in mid-summer and mid-winter require a large number of team members to maintain a quality level of service. The problem is during the remainder of the year. Work is slow and in this industry layoffs are common during these periods resulting in quality employees leaving for a more steady job (sometimes even a different industry all together).

OUR SOLUTION: We have developed our business model in such a way that we now provide maintenance for our customers during the spring and fall. This allows us to maintain a large staff of highly trained and qualified employees year-round to provide service during the demanding seasonal changes.

Consequences of choosing the wrong contractor